One word our riders use to describe Archway? 


Inspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - Home- Inspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - Home - Inspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - Home - Inspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - Home - Inspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - HomeInspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - HomeInspiring - Dedicated - Integrity - Fun - Relaxing - Safe - Family - Home

It has taught me so much about sportsmanship, setting goals for myself, working hard towards reaching them and never waivering from that dedication.  It has helped me grow in so many ways.  Being around horses is where I feel the most comfortable.  Everyone here came to be a second family to me.  It just became such a community and something that feels so special to be a part of.  -Natalie H

Horseback riding, the hunter/jumper world, is such an individual sport, but the program creates a team.  Even if you have barn-mates that you are competing against within your division there is no animosity.  It is so supportive.  Someone has a good day, someone has a bad day and it all washers out because you're there for one another regardless.  And I love that about the program. -Lauren H

It’s a lot more than than just learning how to ride; it truly is learning how to be a sportsman and learning leadership skills that are going to help your son or daughter. -Bob H

When you think of all the things that 'home' embodies to you; it’s a haven, it's a sanctuary, it's a place to learn, it’s a place where you go through phases of life, it's a place where you are safe to make mistakes, and you can always come back.  You can make mistakes, but your family is always going to love you. -Anne H


I was kind of born into the Archway Family.  I have been with them my whole life training with them.  I have stayed because it has just been such an amazing experience and the care for the horses has just been extraordinary.

I love most that it is like a big family.  We may have different lesson times, but on Saturdays most of the team is here.   We do extra activities together and we just all know each other and support each other.  

The biggest highlight I would say was traveling to Syracuse New York with Clare and Corey and taking Parker with me to compete at the McClay finals.  -Amanda M.

Archway truly is a home away from home; I feel so relaxed coming here.   Especially now with the new facility, it's just tucked away enough, but still easy for me to get to since I live in Seattle.  It’s the perfect retreat from the City for me.  I just love coming here.

I had no idea what the balance was going to be like coming into college.  Riding for me makes me more focused for school.   When I get to come out for a couple hours a week and get away from school and studying, and then go back I feel like I can re-focus.  

I would recommend Archway because every aspect of it is exactly what you want for a horse and a rider.  The horses are so well taken care of.  Clare and Corey pay so much attention to them and that is always what comes first.  For the riders, not only is it fun and relaxing atmosphere, but you really know you are getting top-quality instruction.  I feel like it is a perfect balance.  -Nicole T. 

It's a way of life.  I like knowing my horse is in good hands and safe.  He is in a good environment.  Archway is a beautiful, well organized and super fun place to board your horse.  I love the thought that went into creating this sanctuary for our horse.   -Patty O

I always feel it is safe and it is a warm place to be.  Its really fun to go to the shows, seeing my girls get ready and cleaning their tack.  I just encourage any junior out there that wants to know about Archay to come over during the shows and say hi.   -Grant O

I was told we would not be successful in other programs.  I was most worried that Archway would not accommodate my horse and listen to him, but that was completely untrue.  He seems to fit in just fine.  I am always happy to see my horse.

If it's one thing Archway has done for me, it has taught me to believe in myself.     -Erin O

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The primary difference is the relationship we have with Corey and Clare as our trainers.  They have such clear communications with us on a professional and a trainer/athlete level.  

One of the highlights of being with Archway was a trip to Germany when we went to buy a horse and I really got to see Corey and Clare in action.   They have an inate ability to match up riders and horses.  We went to a number of barns and tried many horses, and they were able to zero in on the horse that was exactly right for us for the level at which we wanted to compete and for the amount of money we wanted to spend.  We just felt so comfortable with the decision.  Happy with her ever since. -Leslie T

Riding basically has been my life.  I don’t know where I would be without it.  I cant image riding anywhere else, ever.  It feels like home here, while providing you with all the skills you need to succeed.   -Mali K.

Clare and Corey make an amazing team, both are extremely professional, technical and talented. They're able to get the results they want from the riders and horses while making it a fun and positive experience. The new facility is beautiful and thoughtfully designed. Our family couldn't be happier with Archway.  -Debbie M.

The focus on safety is really important, the horses well being is just as important as your well being.  

It has taught me to believe in myself.  It teaches you that you can do things.  I think when I was younger I didn’t learn that on my own.  Through riding I have become more confident in my own abilities and it has applied to a lot places in my life especially school.

Archway is dedicated, the people that ride here are dedicated.