Evergreen_'09 // Friday August 7th

   This is the beginning of a very busy day for both riders and trainers.  This is when the 'rhythm' of the horse show starts to hum in my head.  The subconscious dance from ring to ring for both trainers and riders.  The individual voices calling out the riders in "5" meaning the rider better be out and schooling...  The tightrope Clare, Corey and Krista walk to be at each rider's ring at the precise time they are needed...it goes on and on but total immersion is the only way to begin to become intuitive in the rhythm of the show.   Each show has it's own rhythm too.  It usually takes me until Friday to really partner with all the announcers,  get my bearings on who is announcing what ring,  what classes the riders are in.      It also ramps up emotionally.  This is the 'excitement and anticipation of what may come'.  A good ribbon spurs the rider to do better,  a great ribbon bolsters self confidence but can backfire into false security and a slip of concentration going into the weekend classes.    Riding is, I believe, equal halves mental and physical.  Then add the temperamental disposition of the horse or pony and it can get almost as tricky as throwing the dice in Las Vegas.   All we expect is that our riders are as prepared and rested as possible and then "go get 'em!"    I heard a few great placings, among them Nicole with a 1st and 4th;  Sophie with a 1st and other top ribbons; Alexia and Jessica were also in the ribbons.  I believe Amanda N. got a blue and  Ana and Melani did well.  Payton came back to the barn with another blue ribbon.  (sorry Briteney, Mali, Hanna and Marissa - missed your placings.  Jenna was a GREAT sport with a very naughty pony to ride but in the end,  she got the job done!    Amanda ended her Amateur Junior/Modified Jumper division with a 2nd place and a Championship.      The progressive aisle party was terrific and I honesty ate too much.  A big shout out to Lisa and Julie, who threw a beautiful and yummy spread of pasta salad with citrus.  The bar was hopping and I saw Bob, John and Janet alternating the servings of Bob's famous margarita's!    Here are some memories of yesterday and today.  Enjoy!



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IMG_5994Melani and Amanda volunteering as hostess's.  They were required to volunteer to qualify for scholarship money for the out-of-state finals.

IMG_5986_2Janet, proudly watching her horse Moonlight Sonata (Sonny) finish 3rd in the Bunny Coffin Memorial Hunter Classic Thursday evening.

[The following are photos from today, Friday]

IMG_6113Our proud servers at our Amazon Cafe.



IMG_6135Julie is well known for running for the hills when I aim the camera her way.  I was able to capture this as she was hard at work setting up our table.

IMG_6124...awwwwwww. No caption necessary.