Our Germany Trip // September 3, 2009

We are having an amazing trip so far. We flew all night and arrived in Hannover on Tues morning. Kareen met us and got us checked at our hotel. We had lunch and off we went for the rest of the afternoon to try horses. Wednesday we left on a 4-1/2 hour drive to Holland. The long drive was worth seeing lovely horses again. On this trip we found our loyal companion Ralf, the German Shepherd who will be accompany us for the remainder of the trip. He has found many photo opts along the way and I have included a few. After a very long day we were invited to a private buffet back in Germany at a beautiful farm. This wonderful family treated us to a 3 course sampling of traditional German fare. Between dinner and dessert we were given a tour of the farm. This was an experience of true German hospitality and an experience we will never forget. At the end of the evening we all packed back into the vehicles for the long drive back. We all arrived safely and climbed into bed at 2am. More to come tomorrow!!!

Regards Clare *note:  Clare, along with Corey arrived in Germany Monday, August 31st and met up with the Kerslake's, Hannah T. and her mom and Kelsey C. and her mom.  They are horse-hunting and will be back in a few days with,  from what I read above, many memories and stories!

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