Germany trip // additional post September 5, 2009

Yesterday (Saturday) was the first day we (the Kerslakes) actually had some "down time" to explore Hannover.  Luckily it is a pedestrian friendly town as we have spent most of our week driving around the countryside looking at horses.  Driving the Autobahn takes a lot of concentration AND nerve! I discovered that 50% of the city was destroyed by Allied bombing in 1943 so it has been rebuilt but there is one area in particular in downtown Hannover that has original buildings/architecture. In particular there is a cathedral with a blackened/charred exterior that is stunning.  It is open to the public and there seems to be someone playing music inside most days. Last night at dinner, Clare had us run through our "highs and lows" and for me personally my high has been being able to experience this trip with our barn friends and look forward to sharing our stories upon our return. *post by Lisa Kerslake.  We hope to add photos soon,  maybe some of the aforementioned cathedral?