Labor Day Horse Show // September 7, 2009

Yep,  we went to a horse show on Labor Day!  This show, hosted by Cara Anthony of Potcreek Meadow Farm, allows the equitation riders a chance to acquire early points for the 2010 show year in the Medals.  Classes offered were:  Pessoa/USEF Natioal Hunter Seat Medal;  ASPCA Horsemanship Class and the Platinum Performance/USEF Talent Search Class. The girls had a great day - rain and all.  Amanda rode in all three classes, Hannah rode in the ASPCA and Pessoa and Ana came for the Talent Search Class.

Amanda was 3rd in the Pessoa, Hannah 4th. Hannah won the Maclay, with Amanda coming in 3rd. Ana finished the day 5th in the Talent Search,  with Amanda placing 4th All in all,  a great, fun day for everyone!

The girls got this opportunity to work on their braiding skills so everyone started at the barn early to braid and wash their horses.  They arrived at the show around 10am and unpacked everything.  The warm up class started at 11:00am,  with the four classes going in order.  We broke for a 20 minute lunch,  and were treated to hotdogs and hamburgers BBQ'd by Cara's husband, Jeff. Ending at 4pm,  everyone went back to the barn to unbraid and wash legs in preparation for the Northwest Autumn Finals tomorrow.

Way to go riders!

IMG_6550Inserting the caulks,  or studs.  The horse's shoe is drilled by the farrier with holes and the holes are stuffed with little bits of Brillo until the caulks are screwed in.  Here Amanda and Krista (her trainer) are getting ready to put them in Parker's hind feet.  These caulks help prevent slipping on the grass while Amanda is riding her course by digging into the grass and giving traction.  They are taken out immediately after he is done and the holes are filled up again so they stay clean.

IMG_6576Supportive parents!


IMG_6552Mom's were grooms for the day.

IMG_6559Fun and unique way to watch a horse show (and stay dry!)

IMG_6596Walking the course.

IMG_6583Our riders. Congratulations!