Amanda finishes top 10 in the USEF Pessoa Regional Finals

Corey and I woke up at 5:00am this morning and I felt pretty ready for the Finals class after winning the Equitation class yesterday. That made me happy because the weather was really really HOT!.  We got to the show(after Starbucks of course) at 6:30 to school in one of the rings. Parker was lazy on the flat but good over the jumps. We walked the course at 7:20 which consisted of a skinny verticle, natural airy jumps, and a very bending three stride.A lot of riders had difficulties in the course. In my first round, we had a couple minor off-distances and I received a score of 73.  Nothing major though. In our second round, our jumps were much better. We just had a hard rub at one of the fences and got a 74.5, with an overall average score of 73.75.  I was really happy when I found out the judge was Sue Ashe.  She's really tough! I felt a lot better after my second round. I was able to relax and watch the ride-off.  They brought the top 10 back to ride for ribbons, and I received 10th in my first ever USEF Pessoa Regional Finals! Out of 31 people!

photo I 'm so proud of Parker and so thankful for all the help and support from Clare, Corey, and Krista and my parents. I love you guys. Thanks everyone!!

photoMe and Corey!

post by Amanda M.