Archway client profile No. 1 // The Kerslake family

7824_127997281157_728621157_2576458_6303727_nWelcome to our newest feature for our riders and their families.  Each month we will feature a family from one of our programs and allow you to get to know them better. The Kerslake (pronounced Kurrs / lake) family has been with Archway  for some time.  It began with Mali (pronounced Molly) when she attended pony camp almost 3 years ago.

Photo: Mom Lisa, dad Bob, Mali and Melani in Germany "horse hunting".

Mali was hooked on the ponies and Melani was already riding at another local barn.  While attending a local show they noticed Clare coaching her riders and immediately liked her professionalism sprinkled with the close "family" atmosphere of the barn.  As Bob explains "we are very social and we not only enjoy the social fabric of the barn, but also the strength of the programs and the trainers."

Mali has been riding in the Children's Pony division and hopes to move up to the Children's division with her sister's horse "Tilly"  this coming show season.  I'm guessing Melani has no problem sharing because they just got back from Germany with Clare & Cory and purchased a new horse for Melani there.

Melani's eyes light up as she offers "we haven't decided on a show name yet,  but his barn name will be Gunnar. We'll wait until he gets here to think of a show name."

A beautiful Hannovarian, bay gelding,  Gunnar will be Melani's equitation horse.  She has her sights set on qualifying for the Maclay Finals, as well as the other equitation finals in 2010.

The Kerslake's do many things as a family.  They even purchased a motorhome to travel to the shows in so that the entire family can stay on the showgrounds.  Bob drives the coach to the show and sets up and is at almost all the shows to cheer his girls on. Lisa comments "I love the convenience, and can't think of a single negative to having the motorhome, except that there's no maid or room service."

The family was not involved in horses before the girls began riding.  Lisa is the family CEO,  but was a hair stylist before that.  "She did everyone's hair in the family, my cousins and everyone"  Mali explains.

Bob owns an Insurance Claims Investigation Company and has helped the Archway team out with his expertise on all stuff insurance. (especially when the offices were damaged by the snow load this past winter).

The Kerslakes attend most of the local and away shows.  Their hospitality is geniune and never failing.  If you go past their motorhome the BBQ and tables are always out.  We can count on Lisa to donate lunches that are delicious and healthy and their dog Tobi is always ready and willing to play.IMG_5316

Tobi (he's bigger now)