Our horses have come into the country! // October 16, 2009

Our clients horses have come off the plane in great shape!  Arriving from Germany early today into the Los Angeles quarantine facilities, the four horses were happy and healthy!  Congratulations Melani, Hannah, Kelsey and Amanda!

Bilder Cargolux 15.Oct09 007

Bilder Cargolux 15.Oct09 019

Bilder Cargolux 15.Oct09 023

Bilder Cargolux 15.Oct09 026

Bilder Cargolux 15.Oct09 050This shows the 'pallet' or box that the horses travel in.  A pallet can fit 2 horses or 3 young ponies.  They fly on a cargo plane, i.e. Jet Pets and arrive at a facility specifically equipped to quarantine them. They travel in the plane with a groom and a veterinarian and usually take the flight in stride.

The geldings will travel by ground (professional hauler)  to the barn soon.  Hannah's horse,  since it is a mare over 2 years old,  will need to stay in quarantine for a few days until she is cleared for ground transport.