Arrival in Newark, N.J.//first leg of Maclay finals journey

photoClare, Amanda and I flew into Newark, NJ on Monday and drove to Central Valley, NY.  The drive was beautiful with all the trees showing their fall colors. Vibrant reds, yellows and greens along with all the shades in between. Their fall is definitely further along then ours at home. After a couple of Toll Highways and an hours drive we made it to the hotel. Tuesday morning we woke up with our first goal being to find a Starbucks. Glanced out the window and saw it was raining. Found out I was the only one to pack a raincoat. Hmm, how can that be?  Once we had our coffee and breakfast we were on our way to the farm where Parker is staying which was only a few miles from our hotel.  We arrived at a picturesque farm and found Parker in the first stall when we walked into the barn aisle.

Amanda got tacked up and on for a hack.  Parker was ready to get to work and start preparing for his big day on Saturday. Back tomorrow for a jumping lesson.  We will keep you all posted!!

Corey :)

photoStunning entrance to the farm where Parker is staying.

photoInside of the barn

photoParker's home away from home.

photoOutside the barns