For all those joining in on our Thriller routine at the party...

GET READY FOR THE HOLIDAY PARTY LIP SYNC  FINALE!First rehearsal December 6th at noon in the arena.

Here is a link to an abbreviated version that fellow equestrian Kevin Goyena participated in.

There are many other YouTube videos that have the basic steps down.  We will be doing an abbreviated version (the entire song is 5:12) so if you get familierized with the basic moves you should have a lot of fun.  Remember THIS IS A FUN FINALE so if you just want to dress up and jump around that's fine.  There will be a few core dancers so don't be SHY!

We will be having a rehearsal this Saturday, December 6th at the barn.  Noon - 1:00pm.  Come dressed warm and casual and be ready to rock!

Go check out your closet - any old ripped jeans?   have fun with your costume!