Athletic Engineering Seminar

How very lucky we are to have such wonderful opportunities such as the one we had this past weekend.  John Rumpeltes (Hannah's dad) and Ben Kossick gave an incredible seminar on warm up and functional training with specific tailoring to the sport of riding. From specifically targeted warm ups to a lesson on the functionality of our bodies as it pertains to our riding (specifically our 'core' muscles and how to engage them).

Thank you John and Ben for a very comprehensive and fun afternoon!  You got us excited to reach our full potential!

Saturday was also the first event in our new fundraising effort to help riders offset expenses for finals competitions outside of Washington State. You'll hear more about this program over the next few months as we introduce fun ways for contributors  to support their fellow riders. As a small kick off event, Leslie and Hannah Thornton organized super tasty and healthy box lunches, with all of the proceeds to benefit our traveling finals riders.

Hey, haven't you guys heard of sharing?  please please?

The riders were given a pop quiz after the seminar.  A correct answer received a cool Olympic Physical Therapy's Athletic Engineering logo'd hat. Congrats Briteney!

Amanda got an answer correct also.  All trainers received new hats!

Krista and Clare showing off the goody bags John handed out.