Sisters, Sisters

♫ Sisters, ♪ Sisters, there were ♫ never such devoted ♪ Sisters....You can always count on family.....On Tuesday morning at 5:00am. The first day of the second week of our three week run at Monroe it happened. Brandan let me know that Corey had been up all night with the stomach flu and although she would most likely try to go to the show he was making an executive decision that she remain in bed and get well. Now, I am a morning person. I accomplish my best work in the morning but I have to admit it took a few jolting minutes for me to wrap my head around this.....what am I going to do? We have four horses ready to show today and no rider?? How do I come up with a solution at 5am??? Is this something I can GOOGLE??? Ok, I thought,  GET A GRIP. There is always a solution if you go one step at a time...1st solve the immediate problem of getting horses in the ring this morning ..

KRISTA! Call KRISTA! (Krista volunteers each Tuesday at Evergreen Emergency Room). So I pick up my problem solving iphone and dial Krista. She picks up right away with a slight tone of concern. "Corey's sick", I begin. I'm not even able to finish the sentence when Krista interupts: "I'll call and cancel Evergreen and I'll head right out to the show..I have all my show clothes here  and I will take care of the horses, see you there and bring me Starbucks". And that was that. In her calm emergency focus she took over for Corey and got the job done. The horses were wonderful, Corey got well and I was pretty organized all day. Ok, I'll admit Corey was texting us by noon with additional instructions but hey, we were great (or that is Krista was great). And so as the sayng goes " the show must go on."

Thank you Krista for being there you are the BEST!!!

Love Clare

a PS from your newsdesk.  The photo above from Ervin Berlin's White Christmas
Fun fact for the day -  In the movie the song "Sisters" was sung by Rosemary Clooney only and multitracked for the movie.