Schooling Show

Greetings Our June 6th Lesson Program Schooling Show was a huge success from beginning to end. On Saturday preparations began with bathing horses/ponies, scrubbing tack, setting the course, and braiding our faithful steeds. Our braiders included Corey, Payton, Krista, Kelsey, Ana, Lauren, Sophie, Alexa and Gina the horses/ponies looked beautiful. As the big day arrived all was in order for the competition to begin. Our Instructors Ana and Lauren along with the Mentors were ready to greet our students with a big smile and positive energy. The barn was abuzz with the air of competition and success!! This year we implemented the Mentoring Program where our Competition riders teamed up with a Lesson student to guide them through all the in and outs of preparing for competition. This program was a huge success and allowed each student to have personal attention throughout their experience. A big thank you goes out to our Mentors: Nicole, Cady, Sophie, Payton, Jenna, Melanie, Kelsey, Mali and Alexa you girls were great. Gay Sheridan was our judge, Ana designed our color coordinated courses, Robin ran the show office, Natalie was our back gate/announcer and Erin was our ribbon girl, they were each instrumental in maintaining a smooth flow throughout the day, Great Job Officials and Show Staff. In our spectator section we had Moms, Dads, Grandparents Brothers, Sisters and Friends all here to cheer everyone on. I had a wonderful time greeting and visiting with all our clients. Our Lesson Program parents provided all the tasty food for a wonderful potluck starting with muffins and fruit salad and ending with a delicious Mexican themed lunch. Don’t you just love Potlucks?!! I was impressed with how each rider improved and became more comfortable as the day progressed, all the riders created their own success and each one should feel proud of their accomplishments, keep up the good work.  We feel very fortunate to have these uniquely wonderful individuals that make up our Archway Family. Be sure to check our website for individual results and lots of photos!!

Clare Warren