Evergreen Classic Recap

Wow, what a week! After beginning with clouds and drizzle we ended the week with record breaking heat reaching up to 96 degrees on Sunday! The Carnation setting is one of the most lovely places in the country and Mt Rainier in the background is amazing, I never get tired of seeing our beautiful Cascade Mountain Range. It is such fun to compete on grass, the absence of dust is always a plus and the footing remained exceptional throughout the week. The river brought much needed relief to many, thanks to the adults who watched over the children as they swam and cooled off. Our favorite story in the Grand Hunter ring was about Hannah who sits on an 18 hands horse. During the XLarge Junior Hunter Handy Class Hannah attempted a roll back and found herself riding through tree branches, as we watched from the gate she completely disappeared from the neck up, she emerged from the tree without missing a beat and jumped an oxer two strides later. As she cantered towards the gate we witnessed her spitting leaves and twigs from her mouth, the jump crew ran out to remove the debirs from in front of the last oxer! We were rolling on the ground in laughter and being the good sport she is she also joined in. Needless to say she was fine and everyone got a good laugh!

As the week of competition came to a close and points were tallied Archway riders and horses excelled in many divisions. Here is a summary:


Pregreen 3'3" -Optimystic - Corene Smith; Small Hunter -Silver Lining - Corene Smith; Baby Green- Sir William- Corene Smith: Equitation 15-17- Natale Hill; Pony Equitation- Payton Smith; Modified Jr/Am Hunter - Broderick- Natalie Hill; Childrens Pony Equitation -Riley Porter; A/O Hunter 3'3" -Princeton- Erin Osberg; Pre Childrens Equitation- Mli Kerslake;

Reserve Champions:

Pony Hunter- Serendipity- Payton Smith; Modified Jr/Am Hunter- Remington- Nicole Tidwell; Children Pony Hunter- My Girl-Riley Porter; Pony Hunter Classic- Serendipity- Payton Smith

Everyone of our riders cam home with awards and more important the rewards of a job well done!!!!


Now on to Thunderbird...