Fall is Here..

We had a beautiful first week of November here in the Northwest! After all the goblins were chased away from the weekend the Fall came into full bloom here at Archway. Our weather was cool in the early morning and warm and sunny during the day. The horses enjoyed a few final days of turnout without blankets and demonstrated their appreciation by coming in from the fields muddy and happy. It is almost time to close down some of the fields as we prepare for our winter of rain and mud. This is always a little sad because the horses love being out on the grass, but alas, they will move back to the paddocks until spring. Winter blankets have come out of storage and Corey, Krista, Julie and Ana are sailing through the body clips, we wash our horses with mayonaise, yes mayonaise after they are clipped to condition their coats. I love seeing the beautiful shine after the are dry.

As I worked in the office I was able to watch the leaves softly falling to the ground like snow creating a beautiful blanket of color on the ground, the sun shinning through the fall colors created the most unique lighting, I made an amateur attempt using my iphone to capture the week in photos so for your enjoyment....