The Games We Play

During family gatherings, as we sit down to dinner we each give our low and high of the day. We do our low first and then our high because this always leaves us focusing on what is good in our lives. This is a wonderful technique to really look back and see how everyday, every week, every month, every year has many wonderful moments. Maybe it is just that instant, with family, at dinner; maybe you had a great lesson or show day; maybe someone showed you kindness or gave you a compliment. Whatever it may be, it always rises above the low and somehow puts us back on track. 2010 was a year for many changes here at Archway. It is what we tag as a transitional year. You know what I am talking about, one of those years you must travel through to get to a better place. A time where at every turn there seemed to appear a new challenge to test our strength, devotion, integrity and faith, asking the question "are you on the right path?"  and allowing us to realize that we can survive through it all. A year where long time friends (Human and Equine) moved on and we are finding it has made room for new and exciting friendships.

I have a saying that these times build character and humility but don't you think we have enough character already!!

We would like to invite you to respond to this blog and share your Low/High for the year, we would love to hear from you. In the meantime, allow me to share a few of my favorite moments from 2010.


May your 2011 be so filled with  so many Highs that it is like a balloon filled with helium lifting you high in the sky.