Jeff Cook Interview

On March 19 and 20th we were fortunate to host one of the nation's most noted clinicians Jeff Cook. His teaching style has a wonderful rythmn and style that brings the most out of each horse/rider that participates. This marks the third time we have had Jeff here and he always brings new insights and stories to share. Special thanks goes out to Anne Hill for operating the Archway Cafe, to Lauren and Ana for  assisting in the ring all day, we appreciate the help. We decided to try a new format this time and we interviewed Jeff on the way to the airport, so here it goes.

Q:What do you feel is the NW biggest strentgh?

JC: Legs; The West Coast, Northwest and BC riders here have a good foundation in the leg.

Q:What would you consider the NW weakness?

JC: Hands, although they have improved over the years.

Q:In your opinion what is the biggest challenge for the industry in this economy?

JC: Cost of overhead as a Professional and the overall expense of the Sport.

Q:What is the most important thing you look for in a horse?


Q: What is your biggest training pet-peeve?

JC: I am not a fan of gadgets, I like to keep it simple. Also over lunging and ear plugs.

Q: What is your biggest pet-peeve in riders?

JC: Turnout, I like to see horse and rider properly turned out and still prefer to see Hunt Coats in the Jumper Ring regardless of level.

Q: Which is your favorite Horse Show?

JC: Monterey, Mexico

Q: What was your most recent read?

JC: "Heads up Baseball"

Q: How does what you teach transfer to life skills?

JC:  I teach the importance of following a system, being consistent and believing that you can always improve.  These skills motivate you in life to do better and be better people.

Q:What experiences have helped you grow as a horseman?

JC: Watching and Observing.

Q:What things are important for you to be successful while doing a clinic at a faclility?

JC: Footing. By the way Archway's footing is great!

That concludes our interview,  here are some wonderful Jeff Cook quotes from the weekend:

"Sometimes prevention is better than correction" ..................... "in a perfect world" .................. "a nickels worth"

"there was a nice moment" .................. "you're not going to get perfect today"

"if you need the indirect inside rein you've already failed" ...............  "when you get fatique (from the horse), you need to stop and rest"

Thank you Jeff for making us better riders and teahers!