The First Satruday in May

On the first Saturday in May, the famed Kentucky Derby runs and I always make it a point to stop what I am doing to watch the "Run for the Roses". This was also the Saturday Corey chose to hold our Spring Flower Drive so we invited the "Archway Family" to join in with the spring planting and watch the Derby. Flowers started to arrive Friday afternoon and as we finished the last lesson of the evening we had accumulated quite an assortment. Of course, it was raining and we were a little worried about weather conditions for Saturday but when you live in the Pacific Northwest.... As I headed to the barn on Saturday morning blue sky was fighting to break through, by 1:00 as planting began the sun had come through and it stayed until we finished. I love seeing everyone sharing ideas and enjoying each others company, the younger girls were in the yard "jumping" and  even the dogs enjoyed the afternoon festivities. With the last flower planted and the clean- up complete, we headed into the lobby  to enjoy refreshments and gather around the TV to watch the race.

It was a very good day! We are  grateful to everyone who donated flowers and bags of soil. A very heartfelt "Thank you" goes out to those who took time out of their Saturday afternoon to help us design and plant the beds and planters, it was a lot of fun and we feel truly blessed.

Each time visitors enjoy the beautiful display of color I know you will all take pride in your part of making Archway beautiful.