Summer 2011

Autumn has arrived and with it shortened days, cool air and beautiful hues.  With the show season coming to a close, we finally find time to reflect on the Summer of 2011. This past season was jam-packed full of challenges and changes. It has been a summer of hope, dreams, old friends, new friends,  health, passing, twins, ownership, broken arm, graduations, reunions, great company, lots of laughs, honor, great food, travel, decisions and hard work . All of these things have brought an array of emotions and have inspired growth, we would not have traded any of it. It has been one of those times when you need to believe that a higher order will light your way and bring you home. And so it has. We will keep you posted on all the new changes coming our way. Meanwhile.....we cannot begin to list all the accomplishments our team has experienced this season. All of our riders have done their best to push themselves to new levels. We are continuously in awe of how determined they are to transform themselves into better riders, horseman and as a result incredible people. Our lives are enriched by the people that surround us and we appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you all for being "YOU".

Enjoy the slide show.......