Seasons End

As Labor Day approaches most of our riders head back to school and start the fall lesson schedule, others head off to college and new adventures. This is always a hard time for us, these girls have spent many hours with us riding, working, showing and as the leaves begin to fade we know things must change. Marisa has left for her second year at Fresno, she helped out all summer with the rides at home. Thank you Marisa for all your hard work, we appreciate it!!

Kelsey is heading to Western very soon and even though we will meet her in LA we will feel her absence. She was at the barn every day ready to fill in where needed, we will be doing double takes as we look for  her on her computer doing her online classes in between rides. She was always available to be a "big sister" to the younger girls.  K you have developed into a wonderful horsewoman and we will miss you this fall!!