Jeff Cook Clinic

As Archway riders prepare for the upcoming Regionals we are fortunate to welcome Jeff Cook here for an Equitation Clinic. A few weeks ago Shelly Kerron from Legacy called to see if she could hold the 3'6" section here at Archway. I jumped at the chance to host Jeff again. His knowledge and teaching sklls are evident from the moment he introduces himself to the group. He keeps the group small (6 riders) and intimate, allowing lots of time to work with each student.

During Evergreen Classic, Ricardo  replaced and revamped the footing in the indoor ring, so we were ready to really put it to the test. The horses loved it and travelled around the ring without a sound. Jeff set a challenging course and commented on how he looks forward to using the dimensions of our ring which allows for many options while building a course.

As Jeff challenged these riders and their mounts they demonstrated throughout the morning why they are successfully competing at the top level. Negotiating line options, inside turns and end jumps skillfully; all participants built success on each ride. After 2 full hours of instruction the horses and riders took their horses out into the sunshine  to walk and reflect on the day. They will be returning for more tomorrow at 9:00am.[gallery link="file" columns="2"]