Schooling Show Series III

Sunday we held the third Schooling Show in the winter series. It was a little more intimate than our last show which created a whole new feel and experience.  As horses arrived on Saturday the weather was not promising, the wind was blowing and the rain fell in buckets from the sky. I was grateful that we are able to contain the entire show inside safe from the elements. After a  long and tiring day of set up, add to that a winter sinus cold, I was glad to be able to move the start time a little later in the day to get a few extra ZZZZ. Sunday arrived with very promising BLUE SKIES! I headed down for my walk around the property with my dogs and was greeted by a Coyote. Jada chased it and he began to lure her towards the woods. So under the fence and into the field I went in pursuit of my Parson Russell. I had my "professional clothes" on and found it an interesting feat to get under the fence on my hands and knees without getting muddy and dirty.   Luckily, all ended well and back under the fence we went. OK, not a great start to the morning:(

The show began on time and ran like clockwork, we are starting to fall into a rhythm that allows the show to flow nicely. Sally Collins was our Judge,  she  did a wonderful job and graciously allowed the riders to discuss her Judge's cards with her after the classes. Judy Hedreen of Sylvan Farm called me early in the week and volunteered to come and announce for the morning, this was a very pleasant surprise and we are very grateful for her help. Ricky Todd organized the gate, Anne was on hospitality,  Ana once again helped with everything and Julie ran the show office using the new program Kevin Goyena made for us, even Little Megan Porter gave out ribbons. I sometimes wonder what we may have done right to have these wonderful, generous people surrounding us. Thank you everyone for helping us we appreciate all you do :)

This show we were joined by  Krisiti Gates, Erenom Farm and Twin Maples Farm. It was a nice group of exhibitors and some stayed to watch the last classes of the day. Good competition and productive practice was happening!

As we wrapped up the day we had an unfortunate thing happen. As Sally went out to her car she was horrified to see that someone had smashed her window and stolen her brief case and a down jacket from the back seat. Poor Sally, I can only imagine how that must have made her feel. There are some sorry people out there. If anyone happened to notice anything please let us know. We will definitely be raising our guard during our next event that's for sure. OK, not a great ending to our day:(

On a much happier note, here are  some of the good parts of the day that I captured, please enjoy the slide show and Happy Valentines Day!!