Look Out! Swimming Pools Below

I still remember my first experience  flying into Palm Springs. I must of been around 17yrs old and although that wasn't the first time attending the Hits Desert Circuit it was the first time flying down. The first time I went to Indio, California to show was in 1993 or 1994. I drove with my Mom and sister pulling a 3 horse trailer with 3 ponies in the back. That was the first time I had ever been to California and was so excited to see Palm Trees. That was a start of our yearly ritual (with the  exception of the last two years)  of traveling  to the desert, to show at the Winter Circuit. Since that first year I have been able fly down to meet my horses. The first time flying in I found myself in awe of all the swimming pools you could see from the plane window. They are literally everywhere! As a trainer it is a great inspiration to show amongst incredible competition and see many of our peers. As a competitor the best thing you can do to improve your game is compete against the riders who set the bar very high. Feels good to be back!

Over the years we have had our fair share of accolades and they are always a boost for our riders and horses, who then return home with a head start on our season in the Northwest.

With the exception of Payton, who has been attending the Winter Circuits since she was 1 month old, we are excited to have Hannah Thornton and Patty Osberg join us for the first time as Archway Clients. There will be lots of laughs, good times and hopefully many triumphs.

I flew in this morning to Palm Springs and headed out to the show. The horses arrived early so they were all settled in by the time I arrived. I met our groom Francisco and helped organized the configuration of stalls and our trunks. I then had to take Carl (our driver for the semi) to his hotel in Palm Springs.  I stopped at Trader Joes's (this is our trademark "go to" grocery store down here) to get some groceries and then went in search of the house that we have rented for the 2 1/2 weeks. At this point I had been driving a long time and was ready to finally see where we were staying. I followed directions from my phone. Now, I will say that my Iphone, which I love, was absolutely 100% correct in it's directions.... I mean how could it know that the gate it directed me to was the exit gate and not the entrance gate. It was just trying to get me there by the fastest route it could find, right? So there I am at a security gate, let it be known that I did not know at this time that it was only an exit, wondering where the heck the security key pad was to enter the code. I mean it's got to be here somewhere, there is a gate, I have a code right here ready to type in. What the heck? Then a car comes from inside the neighborhood right in front of the gate and the gate starts to open.... now I'm in the way of this car..... so I go in reverse to get out of the way and the car comes through..... maybe I should go through before the gate closes and deal with the key pad later (or lack of).... Nope, the gate is closing and I have a big ass mini van to get through, not happening. So now what! Well, if this is the exit, the entrance has got to be somewhere. So back out to the main road I go. Yep, I'm in luck this is the same white brick wall and there is another gate and yes, is it true, could that be a key pad I see. All is good now. I have a place to stay, food to eat, wifi to work on the computer and books to read.

Here are a few photos of the "Casa de Archway" Thanks to Patty for finding it and  Patty I will see you on Monday!